Belle's Study Snack by oneitvan

Belle's Study Snack


30 October 2017 at 11:57:42 MDT

With the Summer coming to an end, universities are opening their doors for returning students along with new ones as well. Belle Oliver happens to be one of the newest students, and it looks like she is late for her class. The reason why she is late is because with her appetite seems to be growing she wants to get some study snacks before her class starts. Once she arrives to her university she soon realizes that she only got a few minutes so she carefully carrying her boxes of donuts and two large mochas and "run" (speed walking) as fast as she could possibly can to make in on time.

Thanks again to Team JellyRoll (theycallhimcake & Sprite37) for making this and two more for me by commission, and when I first saw Belle's and Rebecca's piece my thought was they made them EXTRA THICC. Shortly after they sent me Sophia's piece back in April I wanted to them draw the rest of my OC girls whenever they are open for commission that is. I'm happy to say they finish with the whole group and even more with the result of each of my girls. If you like their art style, try to follow them on their separate officials account sites that they or together on their TeamJellyroll account. Also sorry for the late upload, the rest will soon follow.

Artwork Copyright theycallhimcake & sprite37
Belle Oliver Copyright oneitvan

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