Tara's Weight Lifting Workout by oneitvan

Tara's Weight Lifting Workout


30 October 2017 at 10:45:13 MDT

Tara Greens gotten into weight lifting when her PE class had to change the activities due to storm back in her high school sophomore year. At first she was enjoying as it was a brand new experience for her and she quickly turn into a hobby whenever she have the time for it. Once Tara have graduated, she still wants to maintain her physical form so she decide to train herself at a gym. For awhile she stayed her regular routine from her football (soccer) days however she wants to challenge her body and that is when her weight lifting hobby expands to the physical body she have today.

Thanks again to Team JellyRoll (theycallhimcake & Sprite37) for making this and two more for me by commission which I will post them later (cause I'm going to work soon). Shortly after they sent me Sophia's piece back in April I wanted to them draw the rest of my OC girls whenever they are open for commission that is. I'm happy to say they finish with the whole group and even more with the result of each of my girls. If you like their art style, try to follow them on their separate officials account sites that they or together on their TeamJellyroll account.

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Tara Greens Copyright oneitvan

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