Jade's kimono dress by oneitvan

Jade's kimono dress


30 October 2017 at 10:22:06 MDT

For a long time Jade have love the country that is Japan. She always wants to visit there not only just visiting the major cities but to see the culture from the past to the present and wonderful landmarks that the country have to offer. Recently she brought a custom made traditional style kimono dress that she hopes that one day she'll wear it when she's visiting Japan.

Another Commission done by the amazing duo teamjellyroll better know as theycallhimcake and Sprite37. I came up with this commission idea after seeing some of my follwers' comments saying they like Jade and wanting to see her more often, also I want to give her some kind of hobby or interest to expand her character a little more. Giving her interest about Japan is because their mangas and animes are one of the keys inspiration of making my OCS and the major idea that they'll be in. Once again thank you guys making this for me, it turned out better than I hope especially making Jade letting down her hair. X3

Artwork Copyright both by TheyCallHimCake: & Sprite37
Jade Pennyworth Copyright oneitvan

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