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Pool Party Photo by oneitvan

Pool Party Photo


30 October 2017 at 10:01:48 MDT

Hey everyone, it's Oneitvan here. I hope you all having a great time summer so far, and I thought it would be great if I upload this to all of you.

It's all of my OCS at the moment enjoying themselves at a little pool party they're having. Not only this is the second time where all my female OC are together again but this is the first where Cody is with them. This really shows how much size difference he is with the girls except for Jade since her large rump helps her be a little taller when she's sitting down. When coming up with this idea I thought it would be great if each of my girls wear different type of bikinis instead of them wearing the same one.

This is made by commission from both Rar1990 and Speeds. Speeds did the sketch and Rar did the rest you see here. They both did a fantastic job, and I believe that they are still open for Commissions if you want to have one I'll the link down for their information, and don't forget to follow them if you like their art style.

All of the OC Copyright oneitvan oneitvan
Artwork Copyright rar1990 and speeds

Their Commissions link:

rar1990 and her other sites

speeds and his other sites