A Moment They Will Never Forget by oneitvan

A Moment They Will Never Forget


30 October 2017 at 09:17:38 MDT

For those who been reading my stories, I been mentioning of a character who's in some of them but never been seen until now. Meet Cody Walker, he is a human who's about to see the heaven's gate if he doesn't get out of Sophia's hug on time. The story here Cody, Sophia and Tara, the three online friends are in a trip after they discuss of meeting in person after they finish high school (cause they don't want their parents to disturb or embarrass them) in their middle school years. They have to wait a while for the trip to happen since Cody is the youngest of the three for being eighteen while Sophia's nineteen and Tara's twenty in this picture. When he graduated from High School, the three agreed to meet each other at a famous convention they wanted to go which led to this moment. Cody was the last to arrived the hotel they be staying during the trip, and as soon he got there Tara message him that Sophia is in her room and he should come in as well. It was a very intense moment for him as he getting closer and closer to his friend's door since it's not only first their first meeting in person but a part of him doesn't really like to mention or to be seen of what he looks like during those years and he wants to break out of this habit of his. When he finally reaches to the door he called out his friends to see if they're there, he got his respond from Tara and he opens the door. Instead of seeing his two friends, Cody is feeling his body being extremely pressure along with someone is attempting to pull him on his left side. He couldn't understand what is happening to him until he hears the voices of his two friends. The person who seems to be hugging him to death without realizing it is Sophia and the other who is helping him is Tara.

Those wondering why Sophia is acting like this then read her A Wish For The Future story and one part from her bio
Wish link: https://www.weasyl.com/~oneitvan/submissions/1561504/a-wish-for-the-future
Bio link: https://www.weasyl.com/~oneitvan/submissions/1560977/say-hello-to-sophia-wester-bio
Also Cody is the smallest of my OC in height standing about 5ft / 152.4cm comparing with Sophia's 6ft 8in / 203.2 cm and Tara's 7ft 8in / 233.68cm, and for Cody being a Human well let just say it's still a secret for now...

I would like to thank XSuperiX for making this for me by commission, I been waiting to get this for awhile now which it became like Christmas to me at the moment and I'm glad to see it done. This artist is one of newest that I found this year (or was it in December 2016 I couldn't remember), and when he posted that he was open for commission back in Feb I quickly submit my idea without realizing that I didn't spell check on Sophia's quote (oops). If you like this Artist's style then go hit his icon, or even his other account if you have one and follow him to see latest work.

Characters' Artworks Copyright Superix
Sophia Wester, Cody Walker and Tara Greens Copyright oneitvan
Background Artwork not own by us

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