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Dexter 3/4th Suit - Video by OneEyedDoe

Dexter 3/4th Suit - Video


1 April 2015 at 16:25:05 MDT


(To all of you who got an early, unexpected preview on Youtube, here is the official post for your viewing pleasure!)

I am happy to present one of my long awaited projects, Dexter! In a lovely 3/4th styled costume! This project was one hellish first attempt! I've never done digigrade legs and the asymmetric markings were a blessing and curse. I want to give a huge thanks to cynical-sergal for helping me figure out how to make digigrade legs and helping me out with some serious labor. This bad boy had my brain in knots! The claws, pawpads and internal fan were fabricated by the ever so wonderful dreamvisioncreations! I love their products, please check them out if you haven't already.

This is one of my first larger costumes that /doesnt/ have sock paws! I am in love swoons. I remember making my first pair of feet paws with a shoe base and I'm so happy to be making them again! The digigrade pants have belt loops to hold the tail and keep the pants up and the padding is held securely in pockets so they can be removed for easy washing. The mask also has air vents in the ears to help with air circulation and heat. This is also one of my first masks to have glowing eyes! My client wasn't a huge fan of super bright LED's so we tried for something more subtle and gosh it looks so lovely in person. I'm sick at the moment so my brain is a bit scattered and I'm just so so happy to finally be submitting this so let me make this easier and list out the specs for ya.

-Resin Base
-Fan inside muzzle
-Articulated Jaw
-Teeth/tongue details
-Chin guard to hide you're sweet face
-Air vents inside ears for heat and air circulation
-Elwire glowing eyes

Arms + Paws:
-Standard design
-Elastic supports
-Claws & Pawpads

Digigrade Legs + Paws:
-Legging base
-Pockets for removable foam
-Belt loops for tail and security
-Standard shoe base paws
-Elastic support


  • dreamvisioncreations for the beautifully crafted pawpads, claws and mini-fan
  • cynical-sergal for helping me figure out how to make digigrade legs
  • and last but not least, my lost love who helped support me through the early stages of this project.

(I may add more to this description over time, still having a little difficulty thinking straight with my little sick brain heh.)

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    Still in love with this suit, it's perfect ♥ ♥ ♥ It's so very well made, and your style is amazing!

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    your suit work's so topnotch - love this guy!

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    Where do you get your fur?! I always love the look and colours

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    This suit is absolutely beautiful and gorgeous and just aaahh. This is like my dream style of suit. Very nice job!

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    Holy hell, that's a super impressive suit! It's as if a drawing come to life! Such attention to detail too

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    Shame you don't take fursuit commissions, I'd gladly pay good money for one of these.