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Pink Lightning Mask : Base By Crystumes by OneEyedDoe

Pink Lightning Mask : Base By Crystumes


9 October 2012 at 07:56:12 MDT

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Visual / Sewing / Knitting

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    Oh man, I think I faved this on FA but I'm gonna fave this here too. I LOVE this mask, Crystumes bases are so fab and I love how you pulled off that hair!

    :> You did a great job on this, seriously.

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    u U u my baby <3

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    Question, what type of fur did you use on his neck? I wanted to replace Blue's neck fur and I want something long but rough so it doesn't curl, just like his.

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      its arctic fox but they dont have it in blue, only reds black and white.

      You can try this-

      Its aqua, the pictures are just awful.

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        I'm interested in the blue too, but my goal was finding the white for his neck/chest. Blue is as fluffy as Pink only with straight hair so it's perfect and it's a stronger plastic so it's more resistant to curling and I'm interested in that so that's why I asked~

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          ahh, I just thought you would be replacing it all around but thinking of it now it would look silly with the back of the head being short and the neck being long all around.

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            Oh, I went ahead and bought some blue too, will look all new and pretty and Blue, well, his face i more faded than it use to be hahaa I've worn him down a bit

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    The hair is amazing. You are so talented its really unbelievable. I love the eyes too and the mouth is gorgeous!

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    This was made years ago?? I can't imagine how much further you've improved as this head is already amazing as it was.