I am a graduate from Oregon State University with a B.S. Earth Science/Earth Systems Degree. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and I have always been fascinated with the natural world around me. It's a very humbling to have the opportunity to live in such a diverse ecological and environmental region. I have been inspired to write supernatural and science fiction thanks to my past addiction to Manga and Anime. Now I'm just addicted to writing, XD.

What drew me to writing about werewolves is derived from my research into folklore and mythology, the reintroduction of wolves to the lower 48 states, and Oregon History. I like to make my werewolves act more wolf like than those most popular in books and film. I also like to incorporate some history and folklore to make these creatures seem more real and have their own culture and motivations more relatable. My challenge right now is to make my characters more fleshed out and interesting, which I'm working on that always.


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My Boyfriend is a Werewolf: Synopsis

on 30 September 2016 at 13:54:40 MDT

In 2030 the world has reached 9 billion people become a very crowded and civilization's stability is teetering on the edge of that magic number of 10 billion where the earth cannot support the resources every human needs to survive. The supernatural community has now faced a serious decision to make on the issue. Do we start eating humans again and thin out the herd, or can we trust they will get their ducks in a row and work towards increasing Earth's Carrying capacity? After what they's witness with how they approached climate change, mostly everyone is leaning towards the former.

I have been working on my first Werewolf novel for a great while now, and I'm releasing the chapters here everyday. The novel will go into a lot of depth about the werewolf world. What would their Culture, Politics, History, Physiology, Psychology, Law, and Hierarchy be like? What if there were two ideals "humans are food" vs. "humans are allies", and what if those two groups fight amoungst another? What would happen when human technology spills open their secrecy? This book shows the turning point on when our society becomes either a utopian society or a dystopian society.

The focus is on a clan in Portland, Oregon, a booming metropolis in Pacific Northwest. Our bustling community of 4 million has ties to a deep dark past that stems from 400 years in the past. The Hudson's Bay Company and other fur trade corporations took advantage of the North American continent and its booming werewolf population by providing them one job, and it was a job they excelled in. The fur trade business was very lucrative having the employment of werewolves who needed no training, no supplies, and no shelter to hunt what the market desired.

At the turn of the 19th century, Hudson's Bay Company became a powerful monopoly and had great political power over half the continent, and as Manifest destiny pushed towards Oregon Country, the great company encouraged werewolves and the natives to stir up trouble and discourage settlements of the Americans. With knowledge of the treatment of Native tribes in the east, this was a clear infringement of their sovereignty. Although the campaign was successful in the beginning, werewolf hunters and the US military were called in to commit genocide. The fighting broke the country in two, and it gave raise to monsters like Ian, a werewolf with a deep hatred towards humans that he would vow to get back at them.

Ian encouraged repopulation by any means necessary in order to compensate for the ballooning human population. 100 years later His goal would have came to fruition if it was not for the efforts of the Supernatural Administration (US) and the Supernatural Affairs Ministry (UK). Their top operatives including Senior Agent Steele Wolfgang and Field Agent Bernie Cooper intervened by recruiting werewolves who were freshly bitten and any of decent, and they forced out Ian before uniting the factions together. Many viewed Steele as more competent than Ian; however, their true beliefs about humans became pushed back as the werewolf hunter had essentially stopped in the region. How long will they put faith into Steele's preaching?

Please check it out!

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