Hi, I'm Adrienne. I drive a station dragon and play lots of World of Warcraft and Pokemon.

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on 4 July 2015 at 23:43:58 MDT

I don't really talk too much about Epoch's little nook of Smackjeeves but I figured it was worth letting you guys know that I've added a couple of little buttons and changed the layout a little bit. I'm not the best HTML wizard, but I've been trying to make do with what I know. Hopefully I will get better as things go along, so just bear with me. I appreciate you guys sticking around.

So here's what I've done:

-Added donate/Patreon buttons - I don't make a lot of money. This is mostly to try and get/keep a domain name for the comic and other art endeavors/life expenses.

-Added a Cast page - This is mostly so everyone can "keep up" with the story. I realize that I'm pretty much dropping people into the story; that's entirely intentional. However, to help you along, I have put small character synopsis stuff on the Cast page at the top of the bar. My coding isn't the best, but it's readable. It also has the races that the story has seen so far, and there will be at least three more down the road.

-Changed the layout from the default to something I thought looked better. Hopefully it actually does to everyone else.
Anyway, check it out! This is my little baby, and I plan on keeping up with it for a long time. And thanks to everyone who reads!

Epoch on SmackJeeves

I've also made the first chapter into a PDF which you can find for free on my Patreon here:

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Full Color Transparent Background
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Single Pokemon, Transparent BG
$ 10.00

Full Color

Finished Full Body Color
$ 25.00
Full Color Bust
$ 20.00

Line Work with Base Colors

$ 8.00
Full Body
$ 10.00


Bust Sketches
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$ 7.00

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  • When work is complete, I watermark the image and post it for you review.
  • I send out an invoice after I post the image - when payment is RECEIVED - I remove the watermark and repost it.

If you are using Points (DeviantArt Only) :

  • There is a section on my DeviantArt's front page for you to place an order.
  • If I find everything you ask to be acceptable, I will accept the order.
  • Commission will be done within two weeks. Usually it's sooner, but I got to cover my butt.

Other methods of payment:

Checks - If you want to mail me a check, I will not send you the unwatermarked image until the check clears in my account. Specifics on where to mail me will be sent to you privately.

Western Union - I will not send you the unwatermarked image until money has been picked up. You can actually rig this so you can get a text when I pick up the money, so it's hard to really cheat you here. Specifics on where to send the money will be sent to you privately.

No money orders, I'm not even sure where to get those cashed around here.
Bullet; Red I work at 600 dpi in 99% of cases, you will be able to download the FULL RESOLUTION image from DeviantArt when payment is received. You can resize and do what you want with it as long as I get credited.

  • Please note that these can change depending on how complicated the piece can get. I am willing to make exceptions to what's listed here, we may just have to hash out prices in an email or note. If a background is truly desired in a piece it will require special pricing depending on what it is. That is done on a piece by piece basis. If you submitted a point commission, I will refuse if I find your piece too complicated for the price.

  • Due to the fact that I do not live with any young and innocent eyes anymore, I will now open up to NSFW commissions! They follow the same pricing convention, content doesn't change price.

  • References are welcome! In fact, the more the merrier! Please be extremely specific and clear, this makes it easier for me to make a piece you will satisfied with!

  • Feel free to browse my gallery for more examples of my work!

  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason, including overly complicated pieces, the attitude of my client, or if I find the content to be overly offensive.


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  • For Check/Western Union - This follows PayPal in that there is no refund. I won't ask for money in this case until you are satisfied with the piece, you have plenty of time during the process to back out and not give me money.


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