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Book One Chapter four by Omnimaster

Book One Chapter four

Galaxian Chronicles book one; The Gathering

Chapter Four

Omni could hear the breathing of the person who had the blade against his head was labored, like he didn’t want to try and strike him, was it the wolf that had him pinned, or a guard that wanted to be famous or courageous, either way he was frightened. “Whoever you are…”he started, then he turned quickly before they can react and grabbed the blade forcefully in his paw, a sound of metal on stone could be heard “learn about your opponent first.” Omni was staring directly at a guard with a thin saber, his eyes wide and he fled, making Omni think in the back of his head “coward…” He looked around and saw that Shade and his group had surrounded him, all with weapons drawn.

Suddenly, Omni’s ears pricked up alertly, hearing gunshots fired outside, and it appeared that the others have not noticed yet that something wrong was happening in the court yard, so he heal his ground but spoke firm “board the doors, we have more company.” The others only looked baffled, apparently haven’t heard the shots, but then spun as the door flung open to shouting guards.

The guards were saying stuff like “filthy bandits” or “bar the doors, don’t let them through” giving them all an idea that bandits were attacking the castle, either way, the queen looked at Omni his back turned to her and Lina, his blade not quivering and she spoke loud to everyone “everyone, defend Lina and Sulphria with your life, do not one survive…and this includes the dark knight of arcadia too” she added coldly, not trusting him yet, but he only nodded, moving to the frontlines of the defense, ready to fight.

The guards did their best to lock the door, looking around for anything to bar it, but before anymore could be piled on, there was pounding on the door, sounding loud and crazy, the bandits were forcing their way in. two figures fell from the ceiling that was hidden in shadows, one was cloaked in white and red, a hood over her face, her wrists were covered with leather, her shoulder and chest were covered in still armor, she was heavily armed, he could only guess though that she was an assassin, her tail was tan and brown, her eyes were hidden at the time, but with her agility, she must be feline, her partner had full view of her face, she was a white husky with grey under fur, her eyes were blue, but she wore a light breast plate and she had what he could say was a blade attached with a crossbow on her wrist, a long straight sword was at her side. Both ran behind the lines with the ranged users, the cat pulling out a crossbow that had a drum of arrows to load up instantly.

There was a crash and men clad in leathers or scratched up Sulphiraian armor came pouring in, brandishing weapons from knives to high powered assault rifles. Omni charged in, the group behind him consists of the wolf in red, Shade, and Ryuu, the rest opened fire on the oncoming horde, arrows and bullets hitting their marks with deadly accuracy. Omni’s sword had a fluid like movement to it, slicing through armor and leather with ease, shade and ryuu were tag teaming bigger foes and the wolf was slicing through opponents like butter with his katana, sheathing and unsheathing all the while. However, there were too many and were trying to overwhelm them, some were even trying to get to the last line of defense, the large group of ranged generals.

All of a sudden, there were vines that shot up at Omni, barely dodging them and dashed to the group at the rear, slicing down the ones that were storming the last line, looking around for what tried to skew him. The bandits stop their onslaught to let through what apparently was their leader, a Blue and white husky with periceing yellow eyes in heavy Sulphiran armor, the symbol on the armor had be scratched out…

Book One Chapter four


7 March 2013 at 08:28:01 MST

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    babe, make sure to read pver what your write, some words dont match, amd others dont belong here or there. Other wise, im stuck n this story