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Book one chapter three by Omnimaster

Book one chapter three

Galaxian Chronicles book one; The Gathering

Chapter Three

Omni’s eyes adjusted quickly to the light, his eye became wide at first glance of the room before him. The throne room of Sulphira was elegant and clean, the floor and pillars and arches were all white that seemed to gleam like snow under the sun, large tapestries were hang under the arches baring the symbol of Sulphira, a Red Medical Cross with a gold background. Light seemed to be coming from everywhere, and the air was like Ice, sending shivers down his spine, Omni can also see his breath, indicating that they have no glass windows here.

Omni glanced around, he saw Shade and his group, but now they were clad in elegant white and red cloth or armor, even they looked like snow, and there were others, a Wyren in deep red robes with brown hair and white horns, his eyes a piercing yellow, beside him was a young wolf, about 17 years of age, he fur was dark grey and white, there was either markings or scars on her cheek and nose, her eyes were dark blue and she was clad in light leather armor. There was a wolf also standing there clad in a coat of pure dark red, he also wore jeans under there, he had violet eyes and they had what looked like slash marks on them and a black swish on his cheek, his hair was black and red. Omni could also feel eyes staring at a distance, assuming that they were in the shadows above him, feeling them on edge.

Omni turned his attention to the throne to see the Queen sitting with Lina sitting beside her, the queen had a rich red and white dress with gold trim, a crown with diamonds and rubies on it, she looked a lot like Lina, he could see how Lina got her looks, but he felt like the queen had ice in her, he felt colder as he saw her staring at him. Her voice sound as cool as Liquid Nitrogen that the humans make “Come forward” she commanded, he started to move, looking at the throne intently.

The queen looked down at him, as if to judge him, he clenched his fists and knelt to the ground, keeping his distance from the throne. “What is your business and why have you come here Omni Torch” he flinched, hearing her put the emphasis on Torch, he looked up at them, speaking clear and respectfully “I am here on official business, a warning to your country and to others, Arcadia is on the move and I don’t wish to see peaceful nations shoved into war with my country.”

The Queen’s eyes jolted from calm to dangerously serious, Omni could hear several gasps and a sword being gripped and several ranged weapons being cocked for use. “How can you be so certain that Arcadia is on the move for war? “ the queen spoke skeptically.

Omni stood slowly up, looking up at them both, not minding the several people gathering with weapons in hands. “because..I..” he stammered, then he pulled out a bracer and whispered” code 666…”he frowned as shadows appears on him, forming armor, it bared down on him like someone had strapped weights on him. “I am the Dark Knight General of Arcadia…Otherwise know as The Wrathful Prince Omni Snyder” he spoke with a cool air to match the queens, as he said that he felt a blade tip touch the back of his neck, poised to strike him down. “You?!” the queen rose, staring angerly at him, a snarl at her lips “you are HIM the one that has razed armies on his own and destroyed villages in one day?!” Omni could only stand there, but then he did something that made others gasp, he tore off the breast plate of his armor which bore the Arcadian symbol and tossed it to the ground “I was once…in the past..” he spoke with finality in his voice, his eyes were as bright as fire…

Book one chapter three


6 March 2013 at 09:00:25 MST

oooooooh shit,part of Omni's bloody past is revealed >.<

I made me sound evil ;-;


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