$10 Feline Adoptable [[SOLD]] by omegafluff

$10 Feline Adoptable [[SOLD]]


31 December 2016 at 16:16:21 MST

Adoptable and Payment Rules

  • PayPal Only. NO E-Checks accepted. I accept payments via Invoice ONLY meaning you will need to send me YOUR PayPal email address upon claiming. (For orders under 10$ I use Paypal.me)
  • Not accepting Art or Character Trades at this time.
  • Comment CLEARLY to claim! [IE: "I'd like to buy this." "Me please!" etc.]
  • Do not claim and run. I do not do holds over 24 hours.


I am still offering to do an outfit for it at total of $18 USD.
With this option you get a custom outfit of you're choosing/design as well as deciding the gender of the adoptable c:

Art/Design:: OmegaFluff