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This is an adopt account only.
I use PayPal only and send invoices.

All my adopts are for sale on other websites such as DA and FA but are marked immediately when sold.

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Add On Pack Rules


∙When using an add on pack please make sure to give credit every time a piece, no matter how small the mod may be. This includes custom base mod packs.
∙Do not, by any means claim any part of the add on pack as your own. By NOT crediting me, you are automatically doing so as the mods are not included in the original base.
∙Do not share, resell or by any other means redistribute an add on pack. This includes custom ordered add on packs.
∙You may use any add on pack to make adoptables that can be sold for any form of currency.
∙Add on packs may be used for personal reference pieces or any other matter of art that complies with the ORIGINAL base maker's rules.
∙DO NOT use any piece of an add on pack on any other base but the one it was created for!
∙There are no refunds for base add ons period.
∙Understand that not ALL layers are shown in the preview images and I often pick those I like the best to display and because of this you take a risk in what you are buying. I am not responsible for the amount of content that you like.
∙I will not accept any means of trade for add on packs.

Below are a list of rules that apply specifically to custom pack orders.

∙I will not accept any sexually explicit add on orders.
∙Once payment is received I will not accept any changes to the order, so make sure you're satisfied with what you are ordering before you pay!
∙If given free reign on a layer I have the choice to do what ever I feel appropriate for the base and the request. (i.e. free reign feminine top could be anywhere between a bikini top to an over sized sweater)
∙I will not 're-do' or 're-draw' any free reign layers. If you're afraid you might not like what I provide, specify each layer.
∙I do not draw 'sets'. Each piece of an outfit, or an ear and tail set are on their own layer to maximize options for you the user.
∙I price by difficulty of requested items.
∙I will draw 'closed' species traits as there is no possible way to copyright or own a trait. However I can not be held responsible for how these traits are put to use at any given point. (( A trait is a certain type of ear or tail style, or color of skin or shape of any other body part. ))
∙ALL rules above 'custom packs' also apply to custom packs.

Please keep in mind that this rules are liable to change as needed.
If you see another user that may be not following these rules please do not confront them and instead please contact me in a note with your concerns so that I may take care of it.
IF I myself see a user not following the rules I have set, I WILL contact them. If this happens to you, please understand that I am not singling you out or bullying you. I am simply trying to ensure that my rules are being followed. I have these rules set in place to protect me and my art and to ensure that I can continue to offer premade and custom packs for all users.
I work just as hard as the original base maker to make these edits and while they might be smaller then the actually body base, there is still the same amount of love that goes in to making these. Please respect me and my work. I do not want to have to stop making these because people can't remember or can't be bothered to follow the rules.
IF there is a user that continues to break my rules even after I've spoken to them actions will be taken on my behalf, such as black-listing (as much as I hate such things) and blocking.

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