Melanie, you're so flat the walls are jealous!!! by OldSchoolDegrassi

Melanie, you're so flat the walls are jealous!!!


30 September 2017 at 22:52:00 MDT

From Degrassi Junior High episode 'The Great Race' Melanie is so desperate to have a 'training bra' cause she feels she's ready for one, even through she's still got a few ways to go yet......she gets a bra only to have the boys make fun of her and ridicule her for it! If that's not bad enough, the girls swim team has challenged the boys soccer team to a swimming match to prove who is the better sex! In a Bathing Suit, Melanie would surely show just how flat she is......she would be a laughing stock in front of the whole school! Upon contemplating rather or not to swim, she has a talk with Snake who tells her that she can't really let people laughing at her get in the way of what she loves to do! She then dons the swim suit and heads out to the pool, only to have Joey Jeremiah yell out the following words 'Hey Melanie, you're so flat the walls are jealous!' This makes Melanie feel bad for a minute until LD grabs Joey by the arm and throws him into the pool! It's been a while since I did any Degrassi related fan art so here you go!!!!

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