Chibi Dungeon and Dragons Game by o-kemono

Chibi Dungeon and Dragons Game


7 January 2015 at 16:22:41 MST

The completed version of the YCH DnD Chibi Auction.

I had a lot of fun with this image and coloring the characters. Its interesting to have some dragons in the DnD group. Sadly, there is only one female player. There should be more female DnD players! Inking and detailing the dice and figurines was the hardest part.

Thank you everyone for helping me make this great image. I hope you like it!

The Dungeon Master: Rayctarltribe
The Fan: Bahumot
The Thinker: Taki
The Power Gamers:Larvagandor
The Dice Spiller: Klonoap
The Book Worm: Bsrenamon
The Reasoner: Reemaswolf
The Helper: Roguefox89
The Newbie: Vojeto
The Food Provider: Discardednotes

characters © their rightful owners
artwork © 2015 Alex Cockburn


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    xD lost dice under the table...

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    can i play too?

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    Ha ha I remember playing AD&D long long time ago. Now if were to play a game like this I'd go back to playing Exalted. Good times.

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    I also like the red and black one on the left the most. But they're all so cute!