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Life's A Chibi: Quick Conclusions by o-kemono

Life's A Chibi: Quick Conclusions


6 July 2014 at 09:39:55 MDT

Drawing a conclusion on a subject you don't understand, or don't wish to understand, is easier than taking the time to understand the subject presented to you. This is standard behavior for anyone who is low on patience or has no time/doesn't want to take the time to understand. The one who is jumping blindly into a conclusion on a confusing subject can either be coming from an already stamped frame of mindset, rules and/or belief. If the topic/idea that does not agree with their way of thinking or logic or belief should be quickly judged without taking the time to hear out the topic/idea fully. Once that person's quick conclusion is made, hardly anything can change it, even if the subject matter doesn't involve their way of thinking or logic. If it doesn't look right to one's eyes, it is therefore judged quickly without any room for explanation.

In my opinion, it is best to take the time to listen to the topic/idea/belief you don't understand. The more you hear about it, the more information you obtain that might go against your quick conclusion. You might even change your view point on the subject and understand the subject matter and/or find out that the subject matter is harmless, does not effect you or involve you, that its none of your business and you don't need to waste your time to criticize or judge the matter. Everyone is free to voice their opinion. Its just HOW and WHEN that matters. Is it deeply negative to the point where it comes out as a threat or downright hurtful? Does it come off as selfish and spiteful? Will it have you come off as an enemy or violent? If it does, best to think before you speak.

This was a subject that was swimming in the back of my head for some time.Every time I read or viewed an article of a group of people protesting on a particular and rather harmless viewpoint and their reaction to it, ( or even from personal/artistic experience ) it motivated me a little more to do this image. Getting the message out wasn't an issue, DRAWING it was. I didn't want to touch on a typical subject that was brought up from time and time again, so I did something random, something that no one would understand what was going on from first glance and thus, would judge the activity rather quickly without understanding what was going on.

artwork © 2014 Alex Cockburn

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    C'est tellement vrai, même ici.

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    There's a MLP episode this reminds me of where everyone complains that Pinkie Pie doesn't know what she's doing or isn't helping when it turns out she does and she has the only way to solve the problem even though it looks and sounds really strange.

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    Well-done! Gets the point across well, and I agree that it works better divorced from politics or cultural touchstones, because it shows how irrational this behavior can be in a way that can hopefully be internalized in a more helpful way.

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      ...that turned a bit gibberish at the end, sorry. Keep up the good work! <3