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Life's A Chibi: Being Held Back by o-kemono

Life's A Chibi: Being Held Back


I'm sure everyone gets this feeling:

You wish to go somewhere - a place where it is calling for you. You wish to go there. You WANT to go there. You feel a sense of purpose from that heeded call, where you can do what you want, when you want.

But as soon as you get near your destination or know the direction to go, something is holding you back. Something or someone. You are not sure. You reached as far as you could go. There is a tug coming from what is holding you back, reminding you that you are tethered down by an unbreakable bond and you can't pursue any further. No matter how hard you tug or try to free yourself, you remain bound and in place.

You have to go back and find out what is holding you down. If its something, see what you can do to free yourself. If it is someone, confront that person and try to have them release you from your bonds. No one should hold you back from where you wish to go except yourself.

Everyone has a purpose in life and goals they wish to reach out for. Obstacles will block your path and some will keep you tethered down, leaving you limited to where you truly wish to be. You just need to work hard for it and find out what is holding you back from reaching your goal. It is your life. You are in charge of the wheel. You have the final say. Find the key to remove yourself from your bondage and move forward until you reached your goal.

God Speed.

artwork © 2015 Alex Cockburn

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    That's just about every day for me XP

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    Little guy's either going to have to get a knife to cut that line or pull harder.