Against Giratina by OkamiWhitewings

Against Giratina


6 October 2014 at 06:23:02 MDT

I'll probably make a collage of the details and a progress gif later today.

Entry for a contest on Facebook. Theme was simply "Sinnoh", so I decided to go with my fave part of the game (which, sadly, has a pretty meh gameplay and story).

The team is the one I used in-game (I actually had a box full of Pokémon that I switched with these, but these were the main ones).
Staraptor has just used Omnious Wind and is starting Brave Bird.
Luxray uses a mix of Thunder, Spark and Thunder Fang.
Empoleon is preparing to use Ice Beam.
Torterra is gonna use Giga Drain.
Infernape is ready to use Flamethrower (I know, Infernape has longer "hair", but it looked bad and I always pictured my Infernape with short hair).
Garchomp is gonna use Fire Fang and Dragon Claw.
Giratina is opening its mouth right in front of Dawn (I hope for her it won't suddenly close it and that its breath is minty).

Alternative titles are "How Far We Have Come" and "FML" (both my feelings while working on and off for weeks on this beast)

Dawn and Pokémon © Gamefreak and Nintendo
Art © Me