Fixing IG-6417 (Anniversary Pic) by OkamiWhitewings

Fixing IG-6417 (Anniversary Pic)


3 April 2018 at 13:25:32 MDT

Today it's my and my partner's 3rd anniversary being together and since we made this couple of Asura in GW2 exactly one year ago, I felt like drawing them together as they currently are ~ So yea, here's my Haidee the Mirage (and our Miniatures) being very helpful while Dorrya Birdmancer, his Holosmith, is working on fixing IG-6417 (we've been stuck on that collection due to the bug until yesterday's update, so it was fitting).

I started this pic wanting to make a cute simple pic and it degenerated into the complex multi-character madness with hard-to-do lighting you can see. I can't be trusted with these things, but I overall enjoyed it!

-A speedpaint video of this pic is coming soon, I didn't have the chance to actually edit it.-

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Dorrya Birdmancer ©  Doryx
Haidee the Mirage © Me