Tribute to Galyx - Mist and Nebbia by OkamiWhitewings

Tribute to Galyx - Mist and Nebbia


16 June 2016 at 12:54:35 MDT

"Twilight was approaching and both the newly awaken Mist and Nebbia were thrilling to start the big hunt in honor of Galyx that would culminate in a marvellous feast the day after.They had spent most of the morning flying to the dry uplands where their designated prey was most commonly found. The plan was to get there as early as possible so that they could get some rest and decide the best way to attack the buffalos before actually hunting them and going back home. Zarya and Tule Eir decided to wait for the herd to move near the lake in the big plain surrounded by hills where buffalos were known to stop to drink, which was a pretty convenient position to avoid taking any risk. Buffalos were pretty dangerous on the ground, especially if not alone, so the best way to get one was to single it out, push away the herd and attack it from above, carefully avoiding its horns.As soon as they sighted a big herd coming down from one of the hills they got ready and took flight before they could be seen. Zarya and Tule Eir worked together to lift a thick layer fog from the ground, that way the buffalous would have a harder time seeing each other and their attackers. The herd entered the sunbathed fog without suspecting much and started to drink, thinking that the mist was there to protect them. At the signal, both dragons started shrilling and swooping down on the terrorized hoofed animals, not to attack them but just enough to make them change direction. Most of the herd managed to stay close together despite the low visibility and was starting to leave the fog bank, but a few individuals got singled out trying to avoid the attacks from above and even went the opposite direction.Zarya and Mist dived into the cloud, this time to kill, and tried to attack a foal who was trotting in the direction of the herd crying for help. As sad as it is to kill a baby animal, it wouldn’t have been able to survive alone and it would have made a fine dinner before going back home. Before Mist could reach the young buffalo with her talons, the mother bursted out of the fog charging and the dragon had to change direction to avoid contact with the pointy horns so brusquely that Zarya almost fell off. While gaining altitude she saw the mother and foal get out of the mist that was already thinning away due to the wind that was rising. Nebbia and Tule Eir were still playing cat and mouse with a young buffalo to tire it out or, most probably, just for the amusement of the spirit since Nebbia had an expression that clearly stated her disappointment in not ending the hunt already.As the mist cleared a bit, they saw one of those buffalos that were going in the opposite direction and dived onto him, but Mist’s talons missed him by a whisker. It was a big healthy young male clearly full of energy and Zarya didn’t want him to hurt Mist like it almost happened before, so she piloted the fog around him to make him change direction. Mist darted on him from the side, throwing him out of balance by pushing her talons into his shoulder and hip, and with a single bite she snapped his neck. At the same time, Nebbia was soaring above them with the previous buffalo dead in her talons and a laughing Tule Eir anchored at her neck.Zarya turned to Mist, who, after trying to lift herself and her prey like her sister did, was looking at her with a face that said “How do I lift this thing?"”

Tribute to Galyx for my Draco Stryx Mist 1119 and Nebbia 1630.Finally done with their Tributes, now I'll slowly work on their Training ewe

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