Hi there! I guess if you're reading this, you're curious about me. It's pretty simple, really.

I write stories and paint pictures with words.

Mostly I'm the author of the serialized erotic fantasy novel, "The Dragon In The Dungeon". It begins when a young human woman is re-assigned to be the caretaker for a massive dungeon's only inhabitant, a mysterious old dragon.

If you're still curious about me the person, well I'm a male who lives in the USA. As far as fursonas go, I consider myself a dragon who often dreams of being a coyote. Take that for what you will.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my profile! I hope you enjoy my contributions and the words I write.

I'm quite friendly so don't be afraid to say hi!

SoFurry: ( My home base, as it where, where my stories are most popular. On SF? Come say hi! )

FA: CoyoteOfTheWilds ( Yup, I'm here too, though not as active. But drop me a greeting! )


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    DitD is a GREAT story! I can see how it could inspire fan art... I dropped off FA a year ago, so I will have to go over to SF to pick up the story, as I'd only finished part 6. It's good to see you here on Weasyl!

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    Thanks again for the favourites <3

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      You're still quite welcome! Hehe. Keep up the wonderful art!

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    Thank you for so many faves! You commission great art ^^

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      You're very welcome! And thanks, though not sure how much credit I can take for that, lol. Thanks for faving the art I'd posted though! Those are fan art and commissions of characters from my fantasy novels in progress. Have a few installments posted here but most of them are posted on SoFurry and on my blog.

      Interesting you should mention them though, I saw on your page you were full on commissions at the moment. But if that changes in the future, I think you might do a great job on my dragons or gryphons, if you were interested in more commissions sometime. Not sure when I'd be able to afford one just yet anyway, lol. I have a fan trying to buy me one, but not sure if it's going to happen yet or not lol.

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        I don't open commissions at the moment. I need to finish my last two I owe. I will probably open them in next year.

        I feel that my artistic knowledge needs to be widen much more. I need to focus on light, colours, anatomy and perspective. I want to create realistic images faster and better. My artistic process can be find here, it's my private interactive sketchbook: You won't find many dragons there at the moment but there are many studies and my struggles to become a better artist. They are important to create better commissions.

        Thank you for liking my pictures, it's really great that you enjoy them :) Please contact me in the beginning of new year. The prices aren't currently set, they need to be adjusted :)

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          Lol alright! Just thought I'd mention it! Got a fan trying to buy me one now but will be a while after that before I can afford another. Thanks for letting me know! I hope to be able to work something out with you next year.

          And thanks for the Facebook link! Great stuff.

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    I'd read your stories on FA before leaving, and now that I know you're here, I couldn't help but follow you~ You've got an amazing way with words, my good sir. I hope I can one day rival your mastery of the English language.