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Frances romantic ball //read descr. To join free// by Officer-jin

Frances romantic ball //read descr. To join free//


the Govenor organized a ball and all high classed poeple will join.

so if youre interested to be a part of the pic write a comment or send me an pm that you want to join and also write:

  • The character i shall draw
  • which position (choose the color)
  • show me a pic of youre character and some infos maybe ^^

(it would be good if youre also interested about the 18th century)
the pic will be in the end highly detailed by the size 10000 x 6500 px and will be send to the people who entered in,
a 5000 x 3250 px version will uploaded on DA and FA

ill contact those people who will join this picture later after they wrote me.

-Officer JInn -