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A Noryoo Picking Teardrop Fruit by OddyMcStrange

A Noryoo Picking Teardrop Fruit


22 July 2019 at 22:25:37 MDT

Here's a picture of a Noryoo picking a fruit from a tree on planet Evertox.

The highly polluted environment of Evertox has resulted in the development of dangerous, yet interesting organisms. One such case is the Teardrop Plant. This small tree species has adapted to polluted soil and grows fairly well. It's called the "teardrop plant" because its pollen is known to be an eye and sinus irritant, and also for the drop-shapped fruit it produces. The Noryoo actually plant orchards of these for their fruit. Although many inhabitants of Evertox can eat teardrop fruit just fine, they are highly poisonous to offworlders. However, cooking teardrop fruit breaks down the poison and makes it safe to eat.

It's not advised to try growing a teardrop plant yourself. In addition to the unsafe soil conditions they need to grow well, the pollen is much more dangerous to non-Evertox inhabitants. It can cause serious damage to your eyes and sinuses. The ends of a teardrop plant's branches are sharp like thorns. Although they would just sting Evertox natives, they can easily poison non-natives.

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