Art Summary 2014 by OddOly

Art Summary 2014


21 December 2014 at 16:37:03 MST

Any year Houston gets away with dressing as Wonder Woman is a good year. :D

But seriously, 2014 was an improvement over 2013 all over. My personal life is still kinda onmishambles but less omnishambles than it was back then (and I don't want to talk about it here and now anyway) and I'm REALLY happy with art over the year. Okay, scratch that, not really happy but I see that I improved the visual side and I got a better sense of what I want to do with my art and writing, stuff like that. Now I need to keep that up and increase quantity. I can't say I slacked off this year but I feel like I didn't do enough. I'll try to sneak a picture or two in before 2014 is over but this is it, really.

Art stuff I'm really proud of in 2014:

  • started putting more thought and effort into thumbnails and visual side of narrative
  • MIKEY AND DONNY AND COMPANY HAPPENED (other characters happened too but I'm particularly happy about that gang)
  • figured out a way to combine the main plot and shorts, started both Piss Business and chapter two of the main plot (well, barely, haha)
  • actually tried some new things art-wise
  • still have a bunch of ideas for the future

I feel like saying thanks to everyone who was helpful or supportive or simply fun to talk to and to Ouch for making me laugh when I was too serious (see how well I'm avoiding the word "inspirational"?! :P) but come on people, this isn't the Oscars! But I'm super glad you were there this year. :)

Art goals for 2015:

  • MOAR COMICS while keeping quality up
  • finding a good balance between comics and random doodles (the latter are a huge part of my writing and character development process, I can't give up on them)
  • introducing some new characters, including gasp female ones (no, no particular reason, I just feel that the time is finally right)
  • doing more slice-of-life kind of stories alongside other stuff
  • colouring some comics traditionally (I don't want to switch to it entirely, I just want to do it occasionally)
  • developing some settings I haven't developed much yet
  • update the characters page on Smackjeeves dammit 8I
  • concentrating on canon Cop Story material (I still want to do something for Hetherev, ocpartytime and occasional art jams and trades but I am so done with comic tournaments)

Oh I dunno, something along those lines. It's funny, I never felt better about any of my old comics and I never heard more bollocks said about any of my old comics, but in a way it makes sense. If I had to pick a soundtrack for 2014 it'd be this. :]

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