Pool Party - One Trick Gavin by OddOly

Pool Party - One Trick Gavin


8 July 2014 at 17:56:21 MDT

It's time for ocpartytime and Cop Story folks are going to a pool party! Hopefully I'll draw more pictures like these before summer is over.

Gavin was always good at acting (in a drama class kind of way but unfortunately not in a manipulating people kind of way) and one of the things he knows by heart and can perform at any time is Freddie Newandyke's anecdote from Reservoir Dogs - now Gavin just needs to learn that it's not a good icebreaker for every social situation he finds himself in.

Just keep nodding and smiling, Monroe, and maybe the weird man will stop talking about selling weed and go away without any need to call police... oh wait he is the police...

As for the other two cops, Chauncey's strategy is drinking until he stops noticing people noticing his arm and Llane just tags along because they are mates!

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    Ahah loved this
    And I really like Chauncey :)

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      Thank you! :D And I'm glad - for a bit I was worried nobody would like Chance. I mean none of my characters are 100% positive but... I guess I want people to see what I see in them. To care about them enough to look past their flaws, that kind of thing.