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Miss OC Round 4 - Wynne Paula Cleaves by OddOly

Miss OC Round 4 - Wynne Paula Cleaves


For Miss OC contest over on DA.

Due to reasons I will explain later Wynne's entries will be standalone pictures from now on. There still will be a comic about Guy and Jordon but it will be up later. But when all is said and done I did have a lot of fun with this!

The usual suspects, left to right, top to bottom: Guy Hoyle, August Christopher Walker, PC Marshall Butts, Jon Dunne, Russell Bryon, PC Justin Case, PC Alan Fisher, Jarvis Orson, Teague Brekenridge, Alastair MacNamara, Kevin Newman, Dale M. Hunt, Ghost Copper and of course PC Wynne Paula Cleaves. Not all the characters I wanted to draw, too many characters to put in a contest entry and just enough characters who wouldn't say no to building a snow fort.

...and if I know my characters well enough most of the others are in a snow fort opposite this one hollering about how it's better and superior.

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    Oooh, how nice! I never think of doing a picture with all my characters from a story, I never know how to draw them, but you did it, they all look so natural in their (kinda) environment?! Anyway, they so cute. They all look like little kids :'D

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      Thanks! It's not even all the characters haha but I do like drawing pictures with multiple characters interacting or doing random things in the background. And yeah, they are pretty childish, all of them (except Guy Hoyle, the bloke throwing the snowball) are from the young adult generation of Cop Story characters, they are not really hiding their playfulness. People of Chance's age and older would enjoy snow forts and such too but they would be more self-conscious about it.