Bill Cracker 1-2 by OddOly

Bill Cracker 1-2


13 February 2014 at 14:52:02 MST

I keep trying to learn to spend my time constructively so this never went past sketches.

It’s one of those moments when you draw something for laughs, like how it looks and search for a way to use it in your actually serious big project.

Oh well, if that fails I can always pitch this for tv. I heard they like this kind of stuff.

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    I'd read something like this, should you choose to develop it further. I'm guessing this guy has a few head issues? (understatement?)

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      It's actually a parody of a modern sample of the genre of "psychological" thriller/mystery/drama. I will probably do more but it will be a parody as well.

      The good news is that I will explore more or less the same subjects seriously in Cop Story. Might even draw Bill there since he's adorable but I doubt he'll keep his name then.

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    Ahah awesome parody(nbc Hannibal fan here lol)! That horse with gloves on his ears is priceless ahah!

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      Haha, I actually can't stand Hannibal (and this comic explains why) but uh, tastes differ and I'm glad that people like my comics either way. :)