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Cop Story Sketches 14 by OddOly

Cop Story Sketches 14


8 February 2014 at 15:02:03 MST

So I've been looking for something on my hard drive and found quite a bunch of doodles I never bothered to upload. Some of them still seemed okay so I'm uploading them before I change that opinion (this is part one out of... two or three).

So! Who do we have here (clockwise from the top left):

  • DI Jordon Sinclair and DS Guy Hoyle (and if you're not reading my Miss OC run with them you're missing out)
  • Jordon and Wynne in evening dresses and not particularly thrilled about that fact (in case you have any doubts, all this is drawn by a person who showed up at her high school graduation in a denim jacket because she couldn't be arsed with a dress)
  • DI Gilroy Ivers and DI Scott Nutter
  • then we have Geraldine and Lucas Evans but I can't really tell you much about them because they'll appear in the next episode of Cop Story (probably gotta tweak their designs a bit, it's been a while since I drew them)
  • an unfortunate fellow with an unfortunate name Gebhard Cocks (can't tell you much besides that for now, sorry)
  • and twins Nevan and Devon Penrith - I still haven't decided when exactly they will be introduced but let's just say Devon is dumb enough to attempt robbing a bank

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