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Happy Birthday Houston by OddOly

Happy Birthday Houston


Sad story.

In case you wondered why Leicester is permanently grumpy.

Cop Story © Oly R.

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Visual / Traditional


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    Ahh poor dude. Also I really like the way you colour things. ;o;

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      Thank you! :) I need to colour traditionally more - I constantly switch between digital and traditional and it just happens that the last few months have been nearly entirely digital.

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        I like both your traditional and digital work, though I think the traditional gives it this super nice.. texture? I don't know how to describe it but it's the general look of it, you're real good with it. I'm mostly entirely digital myself ahah.

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          Aw, thanks! And I think I know what you mean about texture. Traditional work is funny in a way that it leaves a bit more room for fluke. I wish I could do it more but my freelance work is entirely digital (thankfully - because doing most revisions with traditional media usually means just re-drawing the picture), all my comics longer than one page are also digital to save time so that leaves more or less only concept art.

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            Yeah, things can be a lot easier with digital work. So many mistakes that you can fix with Undo or just make a new layer and redraw over.