Kevin - Age Meme by OddOly

Kevin - Age Meme


4 February 2014 at 14:32:36 MST

Every year Harris Newman takes a picture of his son on the couch in the living room. Here are some of those.

Cop Story is nearly a year old (and I'm counting the time it was called The Time Police) and I was fiddling with Kevin's storyline again because I was unhappy with it. Now I think I've finally got some results. Drew this thing to ponder some more - I draw characters a lot when I develop them so you can expect more drawings of Kevin I think.

Who can guess which job he got in the last picture? :D

Cop Story © Oly R.

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    Ahh I like how you draw ears, they're interesting. Also seeing characters age-memes are super interesting, everyone should do things like this aha. You draw your characters postures and bodies very well, it still looks like a natural pose even if not the standard posture.

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      Aw, thanks! :D And yesss, age memes, everyone should do them! It's a sort of thing I'd like to do with nearly every character of mine but I never have enough time for that! It's challenging to draw different ages of the same person and interesting to think about characters' backgrounds.

      ...Kevin and his father could benefit from a woman in the household, they are such dorks and that couch is probably falling apart.

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        It makes me wanna try doing them aha. Or at least write characters from different ages. And yeah, it would be interesting to see all your characters at different ages!

        That poor couch. May it one day find a nice lady.

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          I think I have characters from nearly all age groups in Cop Story by now. Just need to write and draw them more often. So yes, it's fun, do it!

          Gosh, I'm not a fan of forcing romantic themes into every story and pairing up all the characters but this conversation made me think that it would be really interesting to push a woman into that storyline and see how Harris and Kevin would act.

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            Yeah, the same with me and my characters. Just need to get it out on paper/photoshop/wordpad ahah. Will do! Looking forward to seeing other characters of yours as well. : P

            Yeah, sometimes it can be super interesting to figure out dynamics in character relationships. It's something you could do separately and if you end up liking it it's never too late to add someone in there, eh?

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              Thanks! And definitely! :)