Cop Story Sketches 09 by OddOly

Cop Story Sketches 09


2 February 2014 at 15:14:17 MST

This post has new characters and old characters, as usual. And old characters that are sorta new.

Cop Story is full of people that would “normally” get no place in most action/adventure comics. Meet Jonathon Dunne, a police sketch artist. You won’t see him running around with a gun but his art is what helps catching criminals too.

Jon as a character was inspired by a story the best art teacher that I was privileged to know once told me about an artist with no arms. I guess the point of the story was to never give up, or it was just a random bit of information he fed into my stupid head but thing is, it stuck. And several years later it became Jon - and a tribute to my illustration teacher. We lost contact over the years but he still remains a huge presence in my life with the work principles he taught me.

Oh, and Kevin as a kid. There's also his father Harris ( thinking of tweaking his design a bit though).

Then there's still unnamed girl (I'll let you know when I decide on her name), the crazies all together, Butts congratulating a fellow officer (who belongs to Gabi), Nutter in a bad dark place, Chance in an equally dark and bad place and... that's it for today.

Cop Story © Oly R.


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    I love Jonathan Dunne! I once met a man with no arms/hands like him who played the guitar with his feet and could play almost anything, he reminds of him. It's cool how talented people like that don't let lack of arms/hands get in the way!

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      Yeah, I've heard about a bunch of people like that, never knew any personally though. And when people find something to do that makes them happy that's great in any circumstances. I can't wait till Jon appears in the comic but there's a couple of episodes till that.