Cop Story Sketches 05 by OddOly

Cop Story Sketches 05


31 January 2014 at 16:56:01 MST

Seems to be a lot of Teddy Lancaster in this sketchdump. He's kind of... one of my ways of dealing with thought of really unfair things. When I'm angry at life, movies and everything. The point I'm trying to convey with all story lines in Cop Story is that even when things go tragically wrong, even when something unrepairable happens there's still a chance that things will look up. No matter who you are you deserve this chance. (And it's people who try to take these chances away who are truly evil).

You know who isn't truly evil? Troy isn't. He might be cuffed to the teeth, he might eat wallpaper and get occasional urges to separate people from their ears with his own teeth but he's an okay person. There's zero sarcasm here, he won't appear in the comic for a long while but I am confident you guys will love him. I know I do.

Then there's Chance, Gavin/Gage and Llane who got nicknamed the cowboys by people I used to hang with. Because all three share the trait of charging into the situation headfirst and trying to shoot as many moving targets as they can.

Can't really comment on why Gilroy is fighting Lancaster or why Larate (who appeared only once before, go find him in my gallery if you're curious) is hugging a pillow, consider it a sneak peak.

I hope you guys aren't tired of new characters, I try to draw everyone every once in a while but the story is kinda huge and involves a lot of people and places so I'm afraid there's a lot of people to remember. Just relax, sit back, read my descriptions and enjoy the comic and sketches, that's why you came here, didn't you? :)

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