★ New character, Gele! ★ by Ocelotkiwi

★ New character, Gele! ★


2 May 2020 at 19:57:29 MDT

Heya! This is the completed artwork of one of my characters, Gele (As in Gelatin, pronounced like jelly)! She is based off gummy worm candy and inspired by @pinestarburst ! Oh boy did I have some problems with this one... While I love the character, the art is super rushed (As you can tell), AND IT LEGIT LOOKS LIKE MY OLD ART FROM 2016 DUUDEE WHYYYY. Also for some reason the qualities really low even though it its on a bigger canvas? Plus had to smoosh it down so it looks wack now. -

OKAY so Ik I just ranted about how bad the art is (Lol I have art block yayy), But I absolutely LOVE her 💖💖! She was originally gonna be this cute short and chubby creature but guess not oops... I also think this turned out pretty decent considering its the closest thing i've done to a ref sheet. -

Program: Ibis paint X, Pixlr x

Time taken: 1ish hours...