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★ Art request for @badratty_51_ ★ by Ocelotkiwi

★ Art request for @badratty_51_ ★


12 April 2020 at 16:43:07 MDT

[Reuploaded from intsagram] Not open, not my oc

Heya! This is the completed request of 51 i made for badratty_51_! Drawing in all the patterns took a while but It was so worth it! I think they turned out super cute, hope you like it!

Requests are currently CLOSED (At the time of writing)! This doesn't affect anyone who is owed a request or has a request being worked on! Requests will most likely only be temporarily closed and reopened when I need something to draw! If your interested in getting a request when they are open, please check the "Free Request's" highlight for rules and information!

Program: Ibis paint X, Pixlr x
Time taken: 2ish hours/too long