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★ Fursona WIP 2 ★ by Ocelotkiwi

★ Fursona WIP 2 ★


[Reuploaded from instagram] I f★cking gave up on this hotmess. Oops so much for finishing it??

Heya! I'M SO SORRY FOR POSTING ANOTHER WIP ACK! But I underestimated how much time this would take and my tablet went flat. Also I need to wake up early for school and I was so overtired last night that I couldn't sleep. (Seriously I woke up so many times and had a very long, very spooky set of nightmares) But for real now, this will be finished tomorrow! Here's the newest adopt for the raffle as compensation!

I still need to work on a few things such as, the shading, adding highlights, more details, coloring the lineart, and fixing some other things. Even so, I think it's looking really pretty and a major improvement from my last drawing with cool lighting! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated ❤️❤️

Program: Ibis paint X, Pixlr x
Time taken: 4-5 hours/2 days, unfinished
Characters: Hanini (Fursona)