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★ Stella (Kittydog OC) ★ by Ocelotkiwi (critique requested)

★ Stella (Kittydog OC) ★ (critique requested)


[Reuploaded from instagram]

Heya! Finally some finished art! Despite the fact that this was rushed it took me quite a while, but I'm weirdly proud of it? I used warmer colours for shading and I like how it turned out. As for that WIP I posted before, I started the colouring and realised... I kinda hate it lol. So idk if I'm gonna finish it. -

Kittydog species made / oc inspired by @kittydog098 on insta

Ik hasn't been active on my stories or live streaming as much but there's not much going on really. Also, I'm finishing any owed art tomorrow, and I'll be yeeting all my old art after this!

Time taken: 1-2 hours
Program: IbisXpaint, Pixlr X

Layers: uhh??

Fun fact: I hate her name please suggest a better one and she was originally meant to be some kinda comfort sona but idk if I'm gonna keep her like that