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Request - Shyna by Obsydian

Request - Shyna


This is a request for shyna!
I hope you like her!

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    O________O This is incredible!!! squeak You captured all of Shyna's cuteness and I felt my heart leap in happiness the MOMENT I saw it. I gave you free reign on whether she would be anthro or feral so I wasn't really sure what to expect... it's everything I thought it could be! I think the presentation and style you chose works PERFECTLY for her. You captured her playfulness, and beauty so wonderfully. She looks like she's showing off or ready to glomp someone. giggle I really love that you put so much detail in the bow, which is really her most defining characteristic in my eyes... I like the circles you put all over her body, which gives her a very pristine, and underwater vibe!!! It's gorgeous... the shading... the detail... I love the blush! I can't run out of good things to say about this. Thank you SO much. You are an incredible artist and it seems a very generous person!

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      Aw you really made me blush! I'm so happy that you love it! She was so much fun to draw, I never get to draw dolphins! <3

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        I'm glad you enjoyed it too! Thanks again. ^.^