Orca Dive by obsoletist

You toss another battered fish into the orca's mouth, and from your perch atop his big round belly, you watch it disappear without a trace. There's no gulp, no friction, it simply falls to the back of his well-trained throat, and it's gone.

"That's it," you say, scrunching up the paper wrapping. "There's none left."

"I'm still hungry," he says matter-of-factly.

"Y-you're kidding! You ate so much..."

His mighty stomach rumbles in protest.

"Ok, haha, I guess you're not kidding!" You give him some consolatory rubs. The fleshy dome squashes and sloshes in your hands. "But we're still out of food I'm afraid. If I had any more to feed you I would."

"Do you mean that?"

You scratch your head at the odd question. "Y- yeah, of course big guy!"

He smiles and slaps his side playfully, making his belly ripple and wobble beneath you. You laugh along at first, but then he does it again. And then again... harder. His smooth, slippery skin thwarts your efforts to steady yourself. You lose your balance and begin slipping down toward his waiting maw. Tipping forward. Plunging... inward.

You splat face-first on his tongue and slide halfway into his mouth, before the back of his tongue curls up to stop you. You breathe a sigh of relief - it was an accident! Right?

The orca sighs too. A contented blast of stale, fishy breath that invades your senses, almost makes you gag. Then, he gently seals his lips around your waist and begins to suckle on you. Roll you around. Taste you. He slathers you in his rank saliva like a living lollipop. It's in your eyes, it's in your mouth, it's seeping into your skin. And finally, when he's well and truly satisfied... he swallows.

Your head plummets into the beast's throat. Gulp! Your chest follows. Glk! Your butt too. Your legs slide in on their own.

This abyss that looked so loose and inviting before, hides a tight and powerful gullet. It drags you down into the darkness, squeezing and crushing you all the way, until you emerge, tender and terrified, in a shallow pool of mush and slime. You feel around, trying to right yourself, but the walls of this prison are so soft and moist, anything you put down either slips off or sinks in.

Eventually, you manage to roll yourself upright and take stock. You're in the orca's stomach. There's more stink than air in here. Your head is swimming in the heat. And you're probably not getting out.


It's so warm and, and... squishy! You rub the inside of his stomach, just like you did the outside. Such a beautiful belly... you're happy to be part of...


You gasp. The fog lifts momentarily and your senses return, as your wandering hands find something unexpected. Something furry. There's someone in here with you! You can't make out who or even what he is, but he's been curled up in here, sound asleep this whole time. His head is almost submerged in the soup - you pull him up and lay him against yourself. For all the difference that'll make.

As the walls close in and your consciousness fades, you think about those past couple of hours you spent with the orca. Playing with his belly, climbing on it, worshipping it... Not once did you feel anything solid in here. Not a single trace of this poor little guy through all that thick, soft fat. No one will ever know, or even suspect what has happened to him.

Or, indeed, to you.

Orca Dive


12 August 2017 at 19:02:22 MDT

Remember that time you met a friendly orca on the beach? It was all fun and games until the food ran out...

Loosely inspired by this pic https://www.furaffinity.net/view/21285901/ (not the same character or anything, it just really pushed my fat orca button)

The anonymous guy in the stomach is me. Like of course it is. But I didn't want to take you out of the scary moment by talking about homosexual pink rabbits.

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