Flesh Wound by Obelys

Flesh Wound


2 January 2019 at 15:37:09 MST

Commissioned illustration for Arimah ! I love scifi pieces and was super excited to paint more scales. A win/win!

This piece's name and the description below comes from the character owner, Arimah

Arimah stands behind her large spaceship, looking up at the huge thruster port. A valve sensor is being silly and needs calibration, that is, a gentle slap.

“I’ve done this a thousand times,” she thinks to herself as justification for not bothering with the safety harness or ladder
She flies up to the thruster, clings to its massive heat shield flange with an arm and a leg hooked around it, and pokes at some unseen controls on the outside. She presses the wrong button, and has just enough time to hear the familiar clunk of a thruster port opening, before a jet of superheated plasma knocks her to the ground – and vaporises her arm in the process.

(Fortunately, her body is fully synthetic, so she's fine – other than a slightly bruised ego.)


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