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Hello! Welcome to my profile.

I'm an ecchi/hentai artist that happens to be doing a lot of furry art (since that's what my commissioners want)! I keep forgetting to keep this updated due to all the other sites I upload to, so I probably won't be submitting terribly often. At the moment, this account lags several months behind my FA and DA. But I hope you guys find it to your liking!

If you like my non-commission art, you're free to use it elsewhere as long as you give proper credit as follows:
Tumblr: Reblog art from my Obakawaiiart account, PLEASE! I could really use the traffic! You can remove my original comment as long as the reblog comes from my account.

Do not re-upload my work anywhere as your own. Only commissioners may re-upload pieces they have paid for. You can upload on Booru sites (I've seen a few people do this to mine already, thanks!) if you post the source of where the image came from and that Obakawaii is the artist. I prefer the DA link, but as long as it links back, that's fine.

Most all of my work ends up on tumblr. If you find an image here on Weasyl you like, you'll likely find it with similar tags on my tumblr [username: Obakawaiiart]. Please reblog it directly from me, rather than re-uploading.

If using the image on a forum or places where html is allowed, give a click link to the source if possible. If not, list the image title/character name along with "original artist: Obakawaii"

I don't RP or do much idle chit-chat, sorry.

Wanna support me, but don't have the money?? Follow me here, on Tumblr [obakawaiiart], Deviantart, and Furaffinity, and make sure to favorite or reblog works so other people will be directed here!

Thank you for visiting!



Character Sheet
$ 75.00
Furcadia Portrait
$ 30.00
Solo Commission
$ 50.00
Solo Lineart Commissions
$ 40.00
Solo Sketch Commission
$ 15.00

*Prices will increase depending on complexity of character (intricately adorned clothing would probably be the best example). Less clothing and markings = cheaper ;D

*I accept Paypal! No virtual points. Message me if there's questions or something you think we could work out.


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    Love your style !

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    Thank You for the follow! Gorgeous art, BTW. C:

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      No problem; love your use of colors!
      And thank ya~

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    Damn, you draw some absolutely FANTASTIC booty. Keep up the good work.

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    It's me from FA!

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      Yup, I saw some of your faves. ^^ Hello!