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MF'ing Propoganda by NYStray

MF'ing Propoganda


**Moderate Rating to keep the F-bomb away from the kiddies**

sorry for the odd cropping, the paper's too big for my scanner; my phone can only take such clear photos; and I have not clue where the fuck my digital camera went.....

not really vent art, as I didn't draw this out of anger or sadness....more so frustration. I'm at that stage in my never-ending emotional roller coaster where I feel very stressed and my mind is trying to decide whether to sack up and handle things, or curl into a ball on the floor in overwhelming misery. I'd love to call it quits (drop-out, not suicide, FYI), but some stubborn part of me keeps trekking on--I'm not quite at the ass-kicking stage,yet, but at least I'm not wallowing in depression anymore.

this started off as a fun idea, then turned into a doodle, then one thing led to the next and it decided to become this. Not really sure if Stray was supposed to have her foot pressed on something or if she's going to kick someone--there's not really enough suggested motion for a kick, so I guess she's just showing off her pretty combat boots.

markers, overlayed with colored pencils.

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    really loving the perspective and expression in this one! great job

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      Thank you!