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Most Flirtatious + Spice by Nyro

Most Flirtatious + Spice


9 October 2021 at 18:47:25 MDT

Yes, the combined prompts for today (the 9th) were "most flirtatious character" and "spice"... I feel like those two together could make for some weird results but I'm not going there, lol.

Actually I decided to do something a bit comedic for today because Preston is probably my most flirtatious character, who also tends to be the butt of a lot of jokes (he's kind of a jerk). So, he went to Roburger's (yes, that's the name of the fast food place) on his day off to get a spicy chicken burger and his step brother, Digger, maybe made it a bit too spicy.

I haven't really drawn a lot for this series in particular because I was taking a long time away from it. I finally figured out how to redo it but still keep some aspects that I wanted, and get rid of any negative associations to the past. I still kind of wanted a part related to a stupid burger place but it's not the main focus of the story it's from. (It might be more to a side story, but the main character of that would be Digger).

The prompt lists I am using are:
OC-tober Prompts 2021 by MoonSkiier on DeviantArt
OCtober 2021 Prompts from oc-growth-and-development on Tumblr


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    Really nice! It's some fun framing and layout

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      Thank you!! ^^