Wolf Link by Nyaasu

Wolf Link


20 January 2014 at 23:08:29 MST

Just wolf Link, nothing special. xD

Link ©Nintendo
Art by me (2013)

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    Lurvely! :D

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      Thank youuu!! :D

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      xD xD xD

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    Awesome job :)

    I commented on YouTube once saying that Twilight Princess was my favorite Zelda title, and all I got in response was a bunch of hate for the wolf parts of the game. This was news to me...
    I freaking loved the wolf parts of the game, and I had previously thought the wolf portion was well-received since the game got perfect scores all across the board. So I was thrown a little off guard by that X3

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      I liked the wolf parts, too! Overall, it's not my favorite Zelda, in fact...I don't like it very much, but I do like that you can be a wolf!

      Oh, and I LOVE Midna! She makes the game worth playing, to me!

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        So you feel the opposite: loved the wolf parts, but hated everything else X3

        I LOVED the game though; it's my favorite Zelda of all time!

        Of course I had it on Gamecube instead of the Wii, not sure if that affects anything ^^;

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          I wouldn't say I haaaaated it (although I joke that I do to make my boyfriend angry), it's just not my favorite. xD Too realistic and creepy for my tastes. But since then, Zelda hasn't been weird, which is what I was afraid would happen at the time, so I'm not as angry at it as I used to be - I was afraid it would set the new standard for Zelda, and it didn't so now I can just appreciate it for being a one-time thing.

          I plan to replay it now, knowing that it didn't turn the series weird, and I'm sure I'll appreciate it more!

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            Wow, we have completely different tastes when it comes to the Zelda franchise X3

            The best Zelda games in my opinion are the dark ones: Twilight Princess and the even darker Majora's Mask! Ocarina of Time can sort of fall into that category as well, I guess.
            I was hoping Twilight Princess WOULD become the new norm. I liked Wind Waker a lot as well, am actually replaying it on Wii U now...but I kinda hated how that Link became THE Link for portable titles until OoT3D and Link Between Worlds. The Skyward Sword look was OKAY...but in my mind I feel that The Legend of Zelda series deserves that epic, hardcore, Lord of the Rings feel that Twilight Princess gave it.

            Nintendo needs a hardcore gaming franchise; they lost that audience with the Wii and have kinda setup the Wii U to get that fanbase back. But with no hardcore first-party titles, how will they?

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              Well, I guess it'd be nice of them to cater to a more hardcore audience, but I admit I'm a little selfish, and I'm glad they haven't so far used Zelda for that. xD But you're not the only one I know who feels that way!

              They could maybe attract a few with Bayonetta, now that they're publishing it?

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                I see what you're getting at with Bayonetta, but unfortunately I've seen people with a "too bad it's on a system no one will be able to play it on" mentality. The title being a Wii U exclusive seems to be deterring people from the Bayonetta franchise rather than encourage people to get a Wii U.

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                  I know a guy with that mentality about it, and another who bought a Wii U just for it, so both types exist, but just from personal experience I could see it being more that people would just drop the franchise, especially since it's only had one other game so far... xD

                  After all, I've played EVERY Kingdom Hearts game so far, and I still haven't run out and bout a PS4, and I may never get one.

                  I don't think Nintendo would ever be able to draw in the "hardcore" crowd with something first-party though.I don't think any of the "Nintendo sucks 'cuz it's kiddy" crowd would be optimistic about an attempt from Nintendo to be "hardcore"...they'd probably just laugh about it. xD

                  A darker or "hardcore" Zelda would make a lot of people very happy, but a lot of others would be deeply upset - it'd be very polarizing. It might be best if it stay the course, and keep the massive crowd of fans it has now, and the ones who crave something darker always have other alternatives out there.

                  The Wii U isn't doing very well I hear, but I don't think darkening Zelda, or making up a new "dark" franchise would save it. xD It'll take more than that, I think.

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                    I've never really understood the concept of someone buying a console "JUST for one game". I can't wrap my head around the fact that there's only one title that appeals to them on any given console. I've heard that kind of thing said a lot on stuff regarding the Monster Hunter games too.

                    The thing with Kingdom Hearts this time around is that it's not going to be on one console anymore. Microsoft people whined long and hard enough that KH3 will be released on the XBOX One as well. And I personally know that there's a petition to get it available for the Wii U as well, which would probably help things. I have a PS4 already as well, and that's really the only title I'm looking forward to on it beyond what I have already.

                    And exactly what course is the Zelda series taking now? It's always hard to say, as they try to put each new game in a different style. All I know is, for a time, it was relatively the same. Twilight Princess type gameplay was shown at gaming expos before Wind Waker was announced/released, so when pairing that with Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask the darker or more regular/realistic style had the longest running record of Zelda themes.

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                      Agreed, although I will admit, I have done it. xD But then, of course, I've looked for and found more games to buy "after-the-fact". xD

                      But yeah, usually I only buy a system if I know I will play a lot on it - which is why I usually have Nintendo systems, and some others here and there. I'm also...falling behind on my modern consoles, the only one I have is the Wii U. D:

                      I hadn't heard that, although I heard rumors about it being also on XBOX. Not that I don't believe you, but do you have an article about it I can read? (I've passed around a lot of bad info and been yelled at for it, so now I'm super cautious!)
                      But, if KH3 will be on XBOX 360, I can actually play it! Wow~!

                      Yeah, the "different styles" is what I meant, instead of a set style. I like that. :D That way, everyone's happy...except the people who can't be pleased by anything. xD That's how I hope Zelda continues to be. Although I don't mind if a few are similar to one another.

                      Oh! I forgot to mention, although I do like toon Link, I know what you mean about him now being sort of a standard Link. It is kind of odd! It doesn't really bug me, but I could see how it would be annoying since he shows up so often. xD

                      My favorite Zelda game, by the way, is Ocarina of Time. It had its funny moments, and its creepy moments, all in perfect balance, for me. :D

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                        You have a 3DS too, don't you? That's a present-gen console too ^^

                        Here's the petition. It's actually reached the signature requirement and has closed.


                        Yeah, that's what I was getting at with Toon Link. But I'm also glad to see that the Twilight Princess Link has been syndicated as one of THE Links as well. He's the adult Link form in both Brawl and the new Smash Bros.

                        I liked Ocarina of Time and all, but it's just the answer that EVERYONE goes to. It's become way too popular and common, much like other things such as Star Wars and Star Fox 64, and I just prefer to distance myself from it. Plus, Twilight Princess is like Ocarina of Time, but better! :D

                        I don't think the HD rereleases of previous KH games are coming to the 360. The XBOX release I mentioned only applies to KH3 on the One.

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                          Oh yeah, I was thinking of that, and I counted it in my head, but I was going for home consoles. x3
                          I have two actually, and I love the damn thing! It's probably my favorite console that's come out for quite a while. <3

                          Yeah, I always have to say, "I know it's mainstream, but" before I tell people that's my favorite. xD
                          And Twilight Princess being better is debatable, sir, you and my boyfriend both! xD
                          (Also I like that Ocarina of Time is short...short is my favorite thing for a game to be) xD xD xD

                          Yeah, sorry, I got some wires crossed in my brain, because I remember someone mentioning that they thought or hoped 1.5 would also be on the 360, since the Final Fantasy games are. Then I confused 1.5 and 3. xD

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                            I was really liking the 3DS too, but I've rarely picked it up since I got my Wii U in June. I need another game for it. Ironically I've been considering Ocarina of Time 3D XD

                            I actually wouldn't call Ocarina of Time that short of a game. I don't find it any shorter than other Zelda games, at least. I mean it could be like Ryse: Son of Rome, which has a campaign of like 6 hours. And I feel the opposite. I like looooooong games. Means more time and effort was put into it, and it makes the game playable for longer periods of time.

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                              Hey, you can't beat a classic! It was the first game I got for it. Portable OoT...mmmm...

                              Yeah, I might just consider it short because I know where everything is, but I guess I'm comparing it to games that can be 75 hours+. xD

                              I appreciate the effort but...I have 500+ games...and I haven't played all of them yet. D; So, for me, the shorter the better.
                              I like short, but with replay value. <3

                              Not to say I'd condemn a game for being long, but it is the reason I haven't started Dragon Quest VIII yet, despite having owned it since it came out. xD

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                              Yeah, Star Fox 64 3D was the first game I got for my 3DS. I found it suited the game well to be a portable title. And it would be awesome to have a Zelda game on-the-go, seeing as I completely and voluntarily missed the regular DS and all it's Zeldas. The only portable Zelda I've had before was Oracle of Seasons, and I hated it. I hate over-the-top Zelda games like that. It's why I haven't and probably won't get Link Between Worlds. Just didn't seem appealing to me returning to that old style, and the different gameplay mechanics didn't change that at all.

                              Ever disliked a game for being TOO short, though?
                              I mean Star Fox Command has like 9 endings, but still...having only about 6 campaign missions is kind of embarassingly short.

                              I understand the disinterest to play some daunting games, but daunting to me isn't really the length of the campaign.

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                      Whoops! I mean KH1.5 on XBOX360 - I don't have an XBOX ONE so I can't play KH3 either way. xD

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    This is awesome. :D

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      :D Thanks!!