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My 'sona: Maxie the balaur (Old Art) by numberxxxvi

My 'sona: Maxie the balaur (Old Art)


After several weeks of thinking it over, I've gotten tired of going by "Vi" on here, so I'm making a change, and to usher in this change, I'm using a new/old fursona: a balaur herm.

When I was young and full of love for dinosaurs (as evidenced by the dinobots, plushie dinos, Jurassic Park books, Dinotopia hardcovers, Beast Wars figures, and so on that littered my room), I often pretended to be a dromaeosar of some sort, running around on my tip-toes as if i had digitigrade feet, and making bird-like noises (this was before folks were even really firmly saying that birds are dinosaurs). This design combines that with part of my ancestry: the balaur is a dromaeosaur from Romania that looks like a more solidly built velociraptor, albeit with TWO sickle claws instead of just one. I went with big ol' mitts because the huge manus is a defining trait of dromaeosaurs, and i really love huge hands. I'm a genderfuck herm, with boobs and a vulva in addition to the cock, but using masculine or neutral pronouns. The inking may look a little odd, i did it with a brush pen and it was the first time i'd ever used one (a real gamble!).

First person to complain about dinofeathers gets kicked!

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