Steampunk Otter Pirates by Nsyse

Steampunk Otter Pirates


21 September 2017 at 06:37:56 MDT

Made a first timelapse :)

Actual time : 1h40
Made for a weekly challenge and for fun to test out making a timelapse.
Might try to make everything new into timelapses from now on! Why not.

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    I'm just addicted about pixel art <3 It reminds me so old and so impossibly cool 8-bit era of video games... And classic LucasArts quests, for sure :)

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      Thanks I've just started really making it and I'm amazed by the positive feedback to it. I find it much easier to do also but I'm mostly happy because it encourages me to go and try new things entirely :)

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        Oh, in this case I wish you good luck with pixel art style, a long path begins with very first step :) I tried to make pixel arts too (actually my most advanced pixel art is my logo you see here xD ), I think it's rather difficult to draw for me, maybe just because this type of arts need another type of abstract thinking and a tons of patience :) So, keep it up every next creation will become better and better ;)

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          Of course I will!