Oswald and Norman by Nsyse

Oswald and Norman


4 July 2017 at 16:14:05 MDT

Dusk asked me to design Oswald, a big bad guy from a freeform RPG campaign I host. Nox-id challenged me to do pixelart.
So I did both :)

It ended up so good I wanted to do the whole trio of The Guild's triumvirate, but then it ended up so good that everyone wanted commissions like that :)
So I'm doing pixelart commissions before adding Charlotte.

I'm sooo happy with how they're coming out and all the love they're getting so far :) If you want a pixelart portrait like these of your fluffy character, PM me! I'll rethink the price though to be around 15 and I'll contact you to see if you're still interested when I'm done with the current batch (Have about 8 more to do!)

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    Oh wow, these designs are something. You're quite the dot artist.

    Maybe I should try to scrape together a pircture of Ori in his old munition armor...

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      Thanks a lot! :>

      Not sure if you were asking that, but I do those for 12$ if you're interested.

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        I'd have to run up at least a new sketch for it before I commission you.

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          Take your time! x)