Welcome to Glanz-Terres Part 2 by Noxomra


Yet another Guild Master has died, this time at the Star Dragons. Lumian's predecessor at the Moonwood Ravens I could see being natural, for the man was only human and was nearing the end of his natural lifespan. But this....I have no doubt it is more interference from my enemy. Thankfully the process of electing a replacement was more expedited than usual, but once more I found that the new Guild Master as well as my Guardian and Goddesses were endangered by the same creatures that attacked at the Moonwood Ravens. And once again I found that a group of people with what I can only describe as something very special about them were there to save things when I could not be. Six individuals, to join what has now become eight, fighting in their own groups so that they might grow stronger and be able to aid me in the end.

As with the other group I rewarded this one with money and whatever aid I could give them given my limitations in the world and all the information they needed to understand my position and theirs. It was all I could do, and I can only have faith in them that it is enough.


The group in Sanquil has decided to brave the Cuim Woods. Just north of the continent's Guild Hall, this forest has a mountain in its heart and is said by the locals to be haunted. I know better, of course, as the spirits of those who pass on in my world do not linger under normal circumstances, but non-magical people are prone to thinking any act of magic they cannot see being cast is a sign of spiritual activity.

They are primarily chasing the horde of a dragon that was slain after leaving the forest, many people convinced that such a stash must exist and not stopping to think that the treasure of a dragon might be its children. But they are also aiding me on another front, searching for kidnapped newborns and children visiting the villages that are stationed around the forest. I know who is responsible, as they are a continued thorn in my side, but I cannot do anything about them for now.

Apparently they aim to spend the evening in the forest, and I can only hope it will not be their demise.


The Sanquil group has been successful with their first night in the forest. Unfortunately it appears as if a few of them are not as intelligent as I at first assumed. They ended up fighting with a cursed dragon and some wyrmlings that were inhabiting the forest, as well as some simple guard animals that were watching over the cave system it was put there to keep people out of.

I did what I could and sent them aid in the form of simple suggestion to a person who is a bit more experienced that something she is looking for might be there. The group really didn't get in her way, thankfully, and she was able to help them defeat the creatures. Unfortunately it appears as if one of them has found a cursed item with another being that I have no power over, and so the group will have to deal with that on their own as I am unable to help.

I was contacted by, of all people, Nimble from the group operating in Zerachia. He doesn't seem to like me much as it is, and the meeting did nothing to assuage that particular feeling. In fact he threatened to kill me, and asked that when the time comes we fight I kill him as a mortal, not as a Goddess. I do have blood on my hands, and plenty of it, but I have not once enjoyed taking the life of my creations and I have never done it without such a thing being absolutely necessary.

Nimble did ask about the former necromancer who is now the large cat accompanying them. Because Ashram had asked me to keep that information from the group I did so, but when asked directly for such information I could not deny that it was indeed the truth. Especially when he knew already, and just needed the confirmation.

I have known since the day it happened that many of the children too young to be sorted yet into their appropriate guild were kidnapped nearly two weeks ago, just after I wrote about this group last. Once more I know who is responsible; I just can't do anything about them because of my limited interference in the world. But I did not know that Pyra had prayed to Huxra, and in return my Goddess had informed the group of this turn of events which has led to them spending the past two weeks returning to the Guild Hall on foot instead of going out to the dragon graveyard as they intended to do in the first place.

Now that the meeting is adjourned, as soon as I finish writing this journal I shall go see Muxinal and send her to aid them. She operates out of the Shadowslayers, but she is able to decently control a large number of griffins. A few special members of the guild are allowed to become griffin riders under her command with this power, which has proven useful over the years. I have faith that if I send her with her personal mount as well as enough griffins to carry the party they can make it back to the guild hall in two or three days instead of an additional two weeks, and from there they can actually be of aid in recovering the children. I just hope that it will go well for them, and this journey will make them stronger.


Muxinal apparently came across Mog Stonehammer, who was formerly with the Zerachia group and had to leave for a personal matter, trying to get back to the group. She picked him up and as arranged met with the group this morning to transport them to the guild hall.

Huxra reported to me that they arrived a few hours ago and had a meeting with the guild master to discuss the details of what happened. The group has also formulated a plan. I can't say it's a good plan, or that I agree with it, but I will let their actions play out and see where it leads them.

The ring is already showing its influence over the party in Sanquil, allowing full possession of its wearer for the day. I am looking for ways to help but....I cannot do anything.


To my surprise, it appears as if the Zerachia group has been successful. They have infiltrated the group that is responsible for taking the children and set out with some of them this morning towards the main base beyond the Shadowed Mountains. I am eager to see where they go, as once they arrive I may be able to send help their way. Unfortunately it seems as if a member of this group as well has found a ring similar to that found by the other group, made by the same entity. I must now redouble my efforts to find a way to help, if I can.

Meanwhile, the Sanquil group has found themselves another safe haven much to my surprise. Nestled deep in the Cuim Woods, out of my sight until now when the sorcerer Wallaby pulled out the badge I gave him to try and use that as leverage against griffin riders who have defected from their original service. Now I know the place exits, however, so once this party concludes their business in the area I will destroy it.


I listened in while the Sanquil group was met by the leader of the safe haven, just to confirm what was going on. She has said more than enough to warrant action be taken. Even if her people are evacuating it's easy enough for one of my Goddesses or Guardians to scout the area and find them and action will be taken as soon as possible.


As much as I admired Ashram's devotion to me, my policy of not stepping in was probably his downfall. I could do nothing but watch as he was torn apart by creatures this morning, severing the spell that kept Danielle tied to him. Without that she simply ran off, and the spell that keeps her as a cat will eventually wear out as well. I will keep an eye on her and see what she does, but I hope what time she spent with the party and with someone who understood her will be enough to change her.

Gale also appears to be unconscious due to the effects of the cursed ring. What is happening there I cannot say as I am still unable to help in that regard, but I do hope he will wake in time or the group will begin to look for some solution. At least Mog and Fern had the respect to build Ashram a pyre before moving on for this day.


The Zerachia party came to the first of two port towns that lay along the coast they are traveling. Interesting to watch them, but otherwise nothing of interest on their end.


The Sanquil party was finally released from the safe haven today, and given a ride by griffons to the nearest border town to the woods. My lovely Eldi was able to put a watch on them, as the city had been slowly evacuating to a new location since the dragon that kept them hidden from my sight was now dead. This party knows not what they have brought down upon these people, and while I wish I could let them stand and be witness to its utter destruction at the time of writing this they have already left and I will not be able to gather the necessary forces until tomorrow at least.


The safe haven has been destroyed in typical fashion. All the Goddesses and Guardians, Muxinal's full force of griffin riders, and any enforcer who could safely leave their post. No mercy, anyone not a child or pregnant was killed where they stood and the town burned to the ground, and the rest were taken to the guild to be dealt with. Toliel, the Guild Master of the Star Dragons, is not as harsh as I would like nor is he as easy to bend to my will as the others but he will follow my orders regardless, the Goddesses will see to that. The children will be raised as they should have been and if they remember or have questions they will be told whatever lie is deemed necessary to instill in them that the guilds are good and where they were was a bad place. The women will be kept until their children are out of them, either by miscarriage or by birth, and then they will be killed and the children raised as usual.


The Zerachia party has reached the last civilized town along the road to their final destination. Once again I am fascinated by their actions and how such a group manages to stay together, but otherwise they are not worth watching for this evening as I have other things to attend to.


The Sanquil party arrived at the guild hall yesterday, and spent time trying to track down the assassin that's been going around. Rather than one, however, this has proved to be a group and a rather skilled one at that as they managed to kill the party member named Strider. Despite my own policies and restrictions, I made a loophole with the badges I gave them that allowed me to step in and bring him back from the other side. Just this once, however, and should he die again I will not be able to save him.

Now I just hope they can effectively deal with this group, as I fear the death of two of its members might mean the rest will seek retribution against the party as a whole instead of the individual.


The Zerachia party encountered one of my many guardian creatures, experiments of life with great power that are intelligent given their station as animals. They watch over various places in the world, and I saw them through its eyes as it went to investigate what it considered intruders into its land. The dwarf that is with them I have seen before, she seems to be primarily in charge of bringing the women bearing children to the safe haven they have established. But I do no control these guardian creatures, so I could not order it to follow her and I could not watch her to see where she went as she has no affinity with me despite being a former enforcer herself which was why this safe haven has eluded me for so long among other reasons.

Still, I know they grow close now. It will only be a matter of days before the party arrives and I can finally deal with this thorn in my side.

Also, it appears as if Muxinal will be handling the Sanquil party. Yesterday they were detained on suspicion of being assassins themselves and the Enforcers did as they should have and kept the group until the matter could be cleared up. It is curious to me that they are joined by a child, but some digging into the matters of the Moonwood Ravens has revealed that this boy, Freddy, has grown beyond the education they could provide for him even with five more years before he would typically graduate. As such, with approval from the late Guild Master, they let him go early. Now I am curious, and will watch the boy closely to see what he does as there have been very few of his kind in the long history of the world and I am curious to see what he will do.


The Sanquil party has been released and all off on their way. As the city was offering a reward for apprehension of the assassins I instructed Muxinal to obtain that reward and pass it on to them. I am, however, saddened to find out the surviving assassin's name. She seemed to have such great promise, I never would have picked her as one to start leaving signatures and garnering attention because I know that Muxinal trained her better. In fact, she could have been a griffin rider if she chose and instead opted to hold off on taking that position until a later date. I may have to deal with this one myself as soon as the Zerachia safe haven matter is cleared up.


Mog, the dwarf of the Zerachia party, has been sending regular messages back to Lumian, the Guild Master for the Moonwood Ravens who has in turn been praying to alert me to their progress. Today they reached the safe haven, which I have located because of this groups ties to me. I could wait until they have left to bring down the utter destruction of this city, but instead I will let them see just what happens to those who defy me and live to spread the tale so that others hopefully will be deterred from such actions as well

Welcome to Glanz-Terres Part 2


5 August 2018 at 06:11:29 MDT

I'm running Dungeons and Dragons campaigns on Monday and Wednesday night with two separate groups, but their characters are adventuring in the same world along the same timeline just in different parts of said world.

So to keep track, and for fun, I started having the main Goddess of the world keep journal entries about where the parties go and what they do. Since the Wednesday group started a bit later they also joined the timeline later, so this entry is just about the Monday group and the next installment will introduce the other group as well.

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