Albion's Journal - Kitsune by Noxomra


First Encounter; January 1, 1985
Difficulty; medium
Rarity; rare
Category; grey area

A kitsune, like many monsters, looks human until it's ready to attack. Then their eyes become fox-like and they sprout long claws from their hands.

Kitsunes feed on human pituitary glands, and here's where the grey area comes in. They can survive on those harvested from dead bodies, many who choose this route get jobs at morgues or funeral homes to facilitate this. They only need fresh from a recently dead corpse if they get ill, especially while young, and those who fit in the first category more often than not will choose to prey upon humans such as drug dealers or child abusers only for as long as necessary to recover and then return to previous behavior.

These kitsunes are the kind to be left alone. They aren't hurting living humans unless they have to, and choose only to take the worst of society, and thus have just as much right to live as any of us. It's the ones who kill to get their food source despite having another option that need to be dealt with.

Surprisingly, dealing with them is easy. Stabbing them through the heart will do the job just fine, as will things like decapitation and general head trauma. Get the job done if they're a threat, and leave them be otherwise.

Albion's Journal - Kitsune


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