Albion's Journal - Vampire by Noxomra


First Encounter; August 15, 2005
Difficulty; medium
Rarity; uncommon
Category; grey area

Let's get some things straight - vampires are not extinct. I don't care what you've heard, I don't care if you've never encountered one, until hunters get organized in some manner they will never be gone. It took me until I was nearly 30 to encounter my first ones, and it's only been a small handful of nests since. Some hunters brought them close to extinction, but all that did was teach the remaining vampires that they needed to be a lot more careful.

Also, most popular culture on them is crap but it does have basis in reality. Sunlight won't kill them, but it does hurt quite a bit and they don't go out in it if they can help it, they'll wait for night to come after you. Strong smells, especially the pop culture myth of garlic, do not repel them but they can help hide your scent. And a cross will not repel them, though I'm fairly curtain at the time the mythos around that came about many crosses were made of or at least coated in silver and that can be effective in repelling them. Also there's a lot of theory that back then those crosses were far more imbued with holy power than they are today because the people had much stronger belief in God, but that is all just theory.

The bloodlust, however, is real. Vampires are known to take people back to their nests and feed on them for days. Some will also turn people regardless of what they want, though it is worth noting that the creation starts with the ingestion of vampire blood but is not complete until the person drinks human blood and until that point it's been theorized there is a cure though I have no idea what it might contain or who might have access to further information on such a thing.

Once they are fully turned, however, a vampire must feed on blood to survive. They will always lust for human blood, but they can subsist on animal blood if need be. A few will also eat organs and flesh to help cover their tracks, making them more difficult to find.

Those that feed on animals and only turn the willing should be left alone. Often they were turned against their will in older days, and are just trying to survive with what they are without causing any trouble. They have as much right to live as any human that's not killing other humans; the fact that they're vampires is not an end-all. If they've been turned against their will and are killing out of bloodlust with no idea what they're doing or are intentionally killing people and turning them against their wills, however, they need to be killed.

Decapitation is your best bet. I haven't really found that a stake through the heart works too well, so just go with beheading. It's also worth noting that what hunters call dead man's blood works wonders on knocking out, paralyzing, and generally weakening vampires but the blood of a dead person can be hard to obtain and animal blood works just as well, so long as the animal was deceased before the blood was harvested.

Albion's Journal - Vampire


15 May 2018 at 10:43:02 MDT

(I know a little of this is outside of canon but I felt it belonged with this entry)

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