Albion's Journal - Witch by Noxomra


First Encounter; January 3, 1987
Difficulty; varies
Rarity; uncommon
Category; grey area

Witches are human, but they can often be dangerous so don't let that fool you.

The Grand Coven ruled and controlled the affairs of witches and guarded all their lore for centuries, but now they've been weakened by ignorant hunters and humans and the ever idiotic Men of Letters before their American chapter fell. After all, not all witches are evil and the Men of Letters had no business meddling in the affairs of the Grand Coven other than seeking to be no more than common thieves taking their records and powers.

As the Grand Coven puts it, there are three types of witches in the world.

The first are the borrowers, witches that gain power from demons in exchange for their souls. These are the most common kind you'll come across and probably should be killed because they tend to use the spells for their own self-gain and practice spells that actively harm others.

The second kind are the naturals, those born with a natural ability for magic. While rare they do occur in the world, and are often taken in by the Grand Coven to be taught.

The third are the students, those who know of magic and wish to train in it and become mentored by a witch in the Grand Coven.

Naturals and students, because they're trained by the Grand Coven, are rarely a threat. They know to keep themselves in line or else they risk exposure to hunters especially in this day and age and with their kind dying out after everything they want to preserve their numbers as much as possible.

Because they're just human they can die by most normal means - shots to the head or vital organs, decapitation, bleeding out, all that jazz. If they're hurting other people then go for it, but if they're not then it's better to leave them be.

Albion's Journal - Witch


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